Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not as hard as I thought!

Ok guys, I thought this would be hard, but my fear is over and I have entered the world of blogging!! I'm sure my kids will be so proud to have thier lives so everybody can read about them. I think this is a wonderful thing, I have been a blog stalker for many months because I was unable to do this for my self, or so I thought. I have enjoyed reading about the goings on of many people, I feel like I can keep in touch of everbody this way. I might not be as good as some about doing this daily, but I will try.

Just a little about my family, Kayman is going into the 10th grade and just passed his driving test(HUGE SIGH!) I am not ready for this, but I guess that is how all parents feel. He keeps us busy most of the time, he just finished his baseball season on Monday and started football last Monday. He is a good kid most of the time, just the usual 15 year old stuff in thinking he knows it all!!

Korie is my daughter and she is 11. She is nothing like me and that is so wonderful!! She loves basketball and soccer. That keeps us busy during the seasons that Kayman is not playing. She does very well in school and does this without my having to make her. I love to watch her intensity in what she does on and off the court I could not have asked for a better daughter, the years ahead will be wonderful!!

Finally Kendrix, what can I say about this little boy? He has the best personality, anybody that meets him just loves him. He has been through so many trying times in his life and just comes through smiling! He has taught me so much! He has the biggest heart and never meets a stranger. I am so excited to see what he becomes because I believe that God has huge plans for this little boy!

My husband Michael is wonderful. He would do anything for anybody. He has allowed me to attend school for the last 7 years (Yes 7!) to get my degree. Now that I have done that he has been working hard in my classroom. He is a hard worker and wonderful dad! I am truly blessed to have him as my husband!
This is long, but this is it. My family, I will attempt to keep this updated from now on. I am having trouble doing the pictures, I cant get them where I want them to go! Hope I haven't bored you to much, stay tuned life is never boring at the Bryant house!!!


jeepakistan said...

NIce blog.

Holly said...

I'm so glad that I can now stalk you! Your family is truly wonderful. I think that you are a great mom. It is really cool that you stay so involved in their lives. We've been through a lot together. In my mind sometimes we are still only 12! How did we get here??

Brandi said...

Yeah Stacy!!! I'm so proud of you. I tried searching for your lost blog but didn't have any luck. This afternoon I was checking out my "regular" reads and saw a link to yours. I can't wait to keep updated on your family. I'm addicted to blogging!!

Brandi S.