Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Back......

Hello to everybody out there! Sorry I have been away for so long, but my computer crashed and life has been crazy!!!!!
Well, On August 18 the door closed and I was a teacher! I started with 2 students and now have 6 and one that I go to his home two days a week to teach him there. It is wonderful! I love my job and my kiddos, there is never a dull moment. We laugh and sometimes we have cried. I really don't know who is doing the teaching, them or me! Each day is truly a new day, they have so much energy and life that it is sometimes hard to keep up. I have had a horriable rash for about 13 weeks that is finally getting better, I think it was stress! After 4 docotors and lots of medicine it is improving.
Kayman is 16 now, wow, that was one of the hardest things ever letting him drive off on his birthday, we got him a truck and he loves it. He has a job at Sonic as a cook, I don't know that he loves it, but a huge insurance payment needs it! He played football and only had one injury, a concussion, but we all survived it. He is now practicing baseball and doing well.
Korie is keeping us busy with basketball. She is doing very well at that. In the Fall she played volleyball for the first time, she thought it was ok. Her school work is going well, I am so lucky that she can just do it without much help.
Kendrix is just Kendrix. He continues to amaze me. Healthwise he is doing good. The winter is so hard on his joints, but so far no major flare-ups. His school work also seems to come easy which is such a blessing. He can't wait to play basketball, I can because it is hard to watch because he is in pain, but continues to do it.
Sorry there are no pictures, when my computer crashed I lost all of them. I will try to get some more soon. I will also try to keep up from now on. That's it, our life the last few months. Busy, but wonderful!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Prayer Answered...

I told myself I would not call the doctor until this afternoon, but by 7:45 I was calling. Finally around 8:45 this morning I got the news I had been waiting for, Kendrix's moles were benign(I don't really know how to spell that!) but that doesn't really matter because they used a lot of big words that I did not understand except for that one!! I am supposed to call on Monday to find out what the doctor wants us to do from here. Thank you to all who have said a prayer on for Kendrix. I was really worried about this, but I guess I should learn to turn all of that over and trust that it will all work out. That is a hard thing for me to do when it comes to my children.

On the lighter side, Kendrix was wanting to go to my mom's today and I was ready for him to go! On the way there Michael and I were talking about how he was feeling his oats and I said he has cabin fever. Kendrix looked at us, touched his head and said "No I don't have any fever!"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Update on Kendrix....

Yesterday Kendrix had his surgery. It was much more than I thought it would be. On his shoulder they took 2 moles off, they did not tell me they were doing that. He has 10 stitches there and on his hip he has 15 stitches. We will not know anything until Friday or Monday. I was the one that almost couldn't take it. When I saw his back I almost passed out. I was not prepared for what I saw. I will let you all know as soon as I find something out. Thank you all for the words of encouragement and prayer. Kendrix knows you all are praying for him and that makes him happy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Are you ready for some Football.....

Kayman started 2 a day football practice today. I feel like it is just to hot, but I guess that is the way it has to be. I can't believe that he is old enough for senior high football. I love the atmosphere of football, I just hate it when he is on the bottom of the pile. I do the only thing I know to do, the minute I walk into the game I start praying until the game is over. Michael says I am just silly, I guess it is just a mom thing. The main thing now is to prepare for the big game!
Korie is still practicing basketball and now volleyball. She is growing so fast. I cant believe that she will be a 6th grader. She is ready for school to start and be with her friends.
Kendrix continues to be the same. He loves to sleep and swim. I am trying not to think about Wednesday, it is just always in the back of my mind. I just pray that everything will be just fine. He is starting to realize that not all 7 year olds have to take medicine and shots like he does. He does not like it. I think next summer I will send him to a camp with children that have health problems like him, I think he needs to know that their are other children like him. Please remeber him on Wednesday.
My life is about to turn upside down. I become a teacher on Monday August 18. I will be the self contained classroom teacher at Oak Grove Elementary. I am scared to death! I am ready just scared to think I am in charge. It will be great though. Just remember me though because when that door shuts I don't know what to do!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Prayer Request...

I am asking for prayer on behalf of my son Kendrix. On August 6th he will have 2 bioposy's and mole removels from his back. We will have to send it to the pathologist to read and if it is melanoma go to Arkansas Children's hospital for futher treatment. We are certain it is just a skin condition, but the other is always possible. He is such a trooper, I just hate it for him. Please keep him and us in your prayers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cardinal Nation....

Well, one word sums up the game on Sunday, AWESOME. Upon arrival at the game, which we got there 2 hours early, the kids were so excited. Kendrix's eyes were huge and he had a million questions. He really wanted Ankiel's autograph and I had to explain that probably that would not happen, he did not understand. We waited and waited until the gates opened and the kids got a lunchbox with Ankiel on it, I really don't know who wanted it worse, me or them! They ran to the bottom of the stands in hopes of getting autographs, but it was the hottest day St. Louis had seen that year, so no autographs were given. Our seats were right above the Cardinal bullpen so the kids loved watching the pitchers. Nobody showed up in the first row seats so the kids got to sit right there. I will not bore you with the rest, but in the bottom of the 9th bases were loaded 1 out and a tie ballgame. Miles hit a walkoff grand slam! Right in the Cardinal bullpen! It was amazing!!! The kids were so excited, ok so was I!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting ready for vacation....

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing right? Well, all the moms out there know that this is far from the truth! When we finally get everybody ready somebody forgets something! Well, this summer has been so busy that we have not been able to go anywhere, so we are going to one of my favorite places in the world.....A Cardinal game! To me this is the best vacation, except maybe the beach. My kids are so excited, Kendrix has not been to a game, but can tell you most of the players and what they do. We will leave in the morning after Kayman's 7 on 7 football games. That will be lots of fun!! I hope everybody has a relaxing weekend! We will when we finally get on the road!!