Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Back......

Hello to everybody out there! Sorry I have been away for so long, but my computer crashed and life has been crazy!!!!!
Well, On August 18 the door closed and I was a teacher! I started with 2 students and now have 6 and one that I go to his home two days a week to teach him there. It is wonderful! I love my job and my kiddos, there is never a dull moment. We laugh and sometimes we have cried. I really don't know who is doing the teaching, them or me! Each day is truly a new day, they have so much energy and life that it is sometimes hard to keep up. I have had a horriable rash for about 13 weeks that is finally getting better, I think it was stress! After 4 docotors and lots of medicine it is improving.
Kayman is 16 now, wow, that was one of the hardest things ever letting him drive off on his birthday, we got him a truck and he loves it. He has a job at Sonic as a cook, I don't know that he loves it, but a huge insurance payment needs it! He played football and only had one injury, a concussion, but we all survived it. He is now practicing baseball and doing well.
Korie is keeping us busy with basketball. She is doing very well at that. In the Fall she played volleyball for the first time, she thought it was ok. Her school work is going well, I am so lucky that she can just do it without much help.
Kendrix is just Kendrix. He continues to amaze me. Healthwise he is doing good. The winter is so hard on his joints, but so far no major flare-ups. His school work also seems to come easy which is such a blessing. He can't wait to play basketball, I can because it is hard to watch because he is in pain, but continues to do it.
Sorry there are no pictures, when my computer crashed I lost all of them. I will try to get some more soon. I will also try to keep up from now on. That's it, our life the last few months. Busy, but wonderful!